Swimming Lesssons

On Tuesday, two weeks ago,  everyone brought their swiming  togs, a towel and goggles for swiming. I did not birng my  swiming sutff because I was sick and sad. We had to catch the bus across town to a pool near Mt Wellington. The instructors were very good and friendly. I did manage to have some lessons but not all. I enjoy swimming and hope I can do mjore next year.

Matariki stars

Earlier this month we celebrated Matariki which is on July 14th. Matariki is a public holiday for everyone in New Zealand. We weree also on school holiday. Matariki means the eyes of god and it is always celebrated in mid winter  and it is the beginning of the new year for the maori people. Matariki are 9 special stars around us. Matariki are star clusters in the early morning just before the sun comes up.  My teacher said we were going to do make Matariki stars.  We used  cardboard that was cut into circles, a ruler, scissors  and two different colours of wool. This is my star – can you guess how I made it?


Characterisation of Storm Boy

I am Storm Boy who lives  with  my dad, Hide away Tom  in a humpy made from wooden walls and a tin roof.  I am called Storm Boy because I love being outside when it is crazy wild with wind and rain. My dad is a good dad and he and I like collecting cockles to eat. I have learned so much from our friend who is old and aboriginal, and his name is Fingerbone Bill. I know so much about where I live from him.

I am………………………………………………….Storm Boy

Our ki o rahi tournament

Yesteday after morning  tea  we  had a ki o rahi game . Room 6 and  room7  and room 8  altogether in our houses. After we  were finished changing  everyone was wearing Rimu,  kauri , Totara, Rata colours. Some were wearing black . After that we were ready for the ki o rahi tournament and  who ever  won will get a 100 fake dollar. Everyone could play too but some won and some lost and after that we were  finished playing all the games. We all went  under  the canopy and who was the winner?  It was kauri who won the  ki o rahi tournament. They gave the $100  fake money to the  kauri  team and they were happy and all  of  us were laughing because the money was fake. We all changed  back into our uniforms and went back to class and after that we all went home .

ANZAC Biscuit

Last Thursday we were having ANZAC biscuits because we had celebrated ANZAC Day on Monday at home. When I looked  at the ANZAC biscuit it looked crispy like a round piece of toast and hard like a brick and when I touched it it was rough and bumpy all over. Then when I ate it, it tasted  like coconut and vanilla. It was so amazing and it exploded  in my mouth and it smelled like ice cream and  tasted very  delicious and  yum. The women baked  the ANZAC biscuits in 1915 over one hundred years ago for their husbands and sons who were fighting far away. The ingredients are Butter and flour and golden syrup, baking soda and coconut.