Preparing for Athletics day on November 18

After morning tea we had PE and some of us went to our bags and grabbed our water bottles and we went to the stone wall and the man said we were going to play some games.

Our coach said we are going to play sheep dogs but before we play that game he said to run  and he gave us so many difficult instructions and we did them all. Then we finally learned the lessons about that game and it was all about run tall, run on your toes and look straight (only don’t look anywhere else.)

Then we had to run around these cones and we all ran in a circle. It was really fun and then we finally got to play sheep dogs. The rules were the sheep dogs have to chase us and hit our waist and legs only  with the noodles. When we are tagged by the noodles we have to walk out and run around the square one time and then we can come back into the game.

Whoever has the noodles they cannot stop running and they cannot walk or otherwise coach Bart will take the noodles away from them and give to another person to be the tagger. Some of them were good.

After that we did some sprints from the hedge up to the wall. It was hard after the first time. Then we learned how to jump as far as we could by bending low and then jumping past our pig toys that coach Bart gave us.

It was a fun day.

here are some photos.

Making our class movie.

During term 3 we have been making potato people, decorating them with all the sorts of material and we used glue and sticks. We had to pick a potato we liked the shape of and then we had to decorate it so that it looked like a person. When the potato people were finished they looked really cool and then we were ready to make our movie.

We had to practice how to make a stop motion movie by taking turns to be the director, cameraman, scene manager and editor. We had to make the potatoes move to the left and then move them to the right and we had to take a picture each time.

I was in the group that had to make a background of the inside of the castle. We painted it red and then stuck a picture of the Queen on the wall. We made 3 purple thrones for the potatoes to sit on.

After that we had to go to the Library with Ms Toland and make our part of the movie. We did the same thing as before and then we had to record  a voice  to make the potatoes look like they were talking we had so much fun recording the movie and I want to do it again. The title is the stolen princess.

I hope everyone enjoys watching it.




How to make a fruit salad

Introduction: fruit salad is good for us to eat.                             

Equipment: fruit, board, sharp knife, peeler, water, soap.

Instructions: 1. First  wash your hands with soap.

2. Put  all Equipment on the table.

3. Peel the apples and cut them in half

4. Cut out the core

5. After that cut them small pieces

6. Now cut the skins off the oranges and the kiwi fruit

7. Now cut  the kiwi fruit and oranges into pieces the fruit salad on the platter

8. Now peel the bananas into slices

9. Empty the skins into the compost and wash your hands


Now we eat the fruit salad






Legit or Fake

Today we were learning about Legit or Fake.

When we are online  it is important to keep your personal information safe from people you don’t know.

In our story, the moral of the story was rabbit was bad and wolf was good. Don’t look at people and judge them by what they look like.

Making tree hut

Last term our teacher said that we were going to build our own tree huts. I brought a lot of recycled things from home and they were boxes, a tissue box, a small block of wood and some jewels.

In the last week of term we started building after we had done our plan of what our tree huts were going to look like. At first I took my box and cut holes for the windows. I made two windows and a door. After that I decided to glue my hut onto one long cardboard tube. Mrs Agnew helped me because she used the glue gun to make it stick. We joined the roll on the bottom onto two heavy bricks. This made it stand nicely.

I made a ladder out of cardboard and sticks so that people can get inside. I also made a bed and a couch out of green cardboard and stuck them inside. And the last day we painted and recycled things from home and they were boxes, a tissue we dried the tree hut and it was nice. 

We had to  do some tests to make sure we had built strong tree huts. My hut did not fall over in front of the fan or let water inside. I was proud of my tree hut.

About me

Hello, my name is Kamela and I am 9 years old. I am the eldest in my family and I have two brothers who are younger than me. I go to St Patrick’s School in Panmure and I am in Room 6. 

I am good at writing stories and sometimes I share them with my brothers at night time. My favourite food is Sushi especially the salmon one. A challenge for me is running because I am not very fast. 

This year I am looking forward to coming to school as much as possible because then I can see my friends and learn. My mum inspires me because she is patient with my brothers and I. She looks after us and is generous.