Our trip to stone cottage

Yesterday morning  it was a beautiful day to go to the stone cottage but we had to wait until 10am  to go and  when it hit 10am we had to line up so we could walk there. There is such interesting stuff there. A lady named Terry and a man named Patrick were there to show us around.

Terry showed us a moustache cup that a man would use to drink his tea out of. They loved their tea and the special cup stopped their moustaches from getting wet.

She said “follow me  to the next room and squash up.” She said this  a  pot they used as a toilet and when it was full they had to dig a  hole to put all the yucky stuff  in and put the mud back  where were  used to be.

Patrick  showed us the wooden stilts the children used to play with to walk with. It looks hard. 

After that we had to go up stairs. It was too small for me to walk up the stairs. It was so small that I had to duck down to get up there. Once we were there we saw a room with  a baby’s  crib and a child’s bed too.  .

Patrick told us about the map of NZ  and showed us a Faberge egg that was thar for a long time and from overseas. There were old shoes and an old doll in a bedroom too and some old dresses and clothes that they used to  wear back in the olden days.  

I think it was a lovely outing because we learned so much about how people lived a long time ago.








My Cycling Experience

At the begining of our session we had Kate and Kyla teach us about safety and the right clothes to wear when cycling. Kyla asked us to follow Kate outside and she told all of us to line up along the fence. Then she told us more information about cycling and checking that our bikes are safe before riding. A is for air and B is for brakes, C is for  chain and D is for drop and Q was for quick release.

We all lined up from shortest to tallest and we went to claim our bikes. We checked whether our bikes were safe to ride and she told us ride aound the  court a few times and we did.  When she said ‘red light’  we stopped and when she said  ‘green light’ we went.

Later whan she said we are going to teach you how to do the hand signs she told us to put our hands out so when a car comes, they know where we want to go. Then she said “I am  going to put the cones on the ground and  when you  get to the  first one  you must  turn  your  head to the right and at the second cone put your hand out for three seconds and turn aound  the corner.”

After that we did another activity when we had to put the bean bag on top of our helmet and we had to balance it there  and when you turn around you come back to the line and give the next person the bean bag so they can do the same thing.

At the end of the time with Kate and Kyla I felt really confident about cycling and hope one day I can try out what I learned on the road.

Swimming Lesssons

On Tuesday, two weeks ago,  everyone brought their swiming  togs, a towel and goggles for swiming. I did not birng my  swiming sutff because I was sick and sad. We had to catch the bus across town to a pool near Mt Wellington. The instructors were very good and friendly. I did manage to have some lessons but not all. I enjoy swimming and hope I can do mjore next year.

Matariki stars

Earlier this month we celebrated Matariki which is on July 14th. Matariki is a public holiday for everyone in New Zealand. We weree also on school holiday. Matariki means the eyes of god and it is always celebrated in mid winter  and it is the beginning of the new year for the maori people. Matariki are 9 special stars around us. Matariki are star clusters in the early morning just before the sun comes up.  My teacher said we were going to do make Matariki stars.  We used  cardboard that was cut into circles, a ruler, scissors  and two different colours of wool. This is my star – can you guess how I made it?